Guiding Minds


Being naturally curious, hypnosis picqued my interest. As I learned more about it                                                           and saw how quickly and effectively hypnosis can bring about positive change, I became                                            eager to share it with others. It has a huge potential for self healing, helping one                                                         to both achieve goals and to almost effortlessly deal with issues one may have.

My sessions are result-oriented, working with you, my client, as an individual and working towards your goals.  There is no cookie-cutter approach.  Taking this opportunity to continuously learn how the brain works and how we experience our worlds has allowed me to better my life as well.

I am excited to be working with athletes as I was a competitive swimmer for many years. Helping athletes reach their full potential through hypnosis is very rewarding.

I am currently a Registered Clinical Hypnotherapist with ARCH Canada, a professional association that has strict criteria for admission, in addition to passing a criminal record check to qualify for working with vulnerable people via the Prince Albert Police Department.

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